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Beyoncé just announced an activewear line in a totally Beyoncé way

Beyoncé? Athletic wear designer? It’s news to us too, but it was apparently rumored back in 2014. Queen Bey just officially announced the line called Ivy Park, to be sold at Nordstrom, Husdon’s Bay and Topshop, starting April 14. The brand already has 36,000 followers on Instagram, so let that be a testament to the powers that be Bey.

Go to the website, and you’ll be greeted with flashy videos of women (including Bey) getting sweaty and an entire soundtrack to complement the montage. You’ll also be haunted with flashbacks to when she dropped her album in 2013 without a word. You had no notice. No time to request a day off so you could listen on loop with no distractions, and only an Instagram post and press release to explain what happened and how on Earth this slipped past you.

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She’s sneaky, that one. This time she gave you 15 days to dream up all the details. How much will it cost? How many pieces will there be? Are there colors? Are there patterns? Bodysuits. Leotards. Will there be leotards?

Here’s the trailer that tells you everything we know and she has an interview in Elle that hits stands April 6th. As for the rest, gather your camping gear and survival kit. Head to the nearest Bey-approved retailer (listed above) on April 13. All you can do is wait. And stalk the Ivy Park Instagram.

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