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New dating app is like the Tinder of arranged marriages

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a dating app that took all the guesswork out of finding your perfect match? Imagine — no more coming up with detailed, quippy bios or answering insanely personal questions only to accidentally wind up on a date with your cousin (true story). How about never having to spend another Saturday night angrily swiping through mediocre dating options on Tinder only to come out even less sure that you’ll ever find “the one”?

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If you’re tired of feeling like you’re doing all this work for nothing, the new dating app Hindur could be your answer. However, there’s a catch — you get only one swipe to find your “till death do us part” life partner. See, Hindur is specifically an arranged marriage dating app.

I know, it sounds a little extreme, but when you hear the founders’ philosophy behind the app, you might just find yourself convinced. Jeff Greenspan and Andrew Tider created Hindur (Tinder for Hindu-inspired arranged marriages) to help alleviate the dating pressures singles feel while navigating all the dating and hookup apps out there. Greenspan explained to MindBodyGreen, “We go through hundreds of swipes and breakup after breakup, trying to choose our way into happiness. But for all the free will we [apply to] dating, the divorce rate is [hasn’t gotten better].”

He’s got a point there. The divorce rate in this country — which has far fewer arranged marriages than, say, India — is about 50 percent. The average divorce rate for arranged marriages worldwide is just over 4 percent. So if you’re looking for forever, you might not want to turn up your nose at this style of matching (at least not so fast).

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Single people are inundated with date options every day. After a while, everyone begins to experience a burnout. Greenspan and Tider’s theory is that if people were given only one choice, they wouldn’t be nearly as dismissive as they’ve become.

Now to be clear, Hindur is not just for Hindus who adhere to the arranged marriage tradition (although it drew inspiration from that idea). It was designed for anyone who feels like they’re drowning in the dating pool and is ready for a change. Greenspan says their app solves the problem of indecisiveness that swipe apps like Tinder enable 10 times over. “You’re always looking to see if someone better, taller or more interesting has walked into the room,” Greenspan told MindBodyGreen.

Greenspan is essentially making the argument that having too many choices has disabled our ability to make good decisions. By distilling down the options to one, they’re forcing people to find the good in their match rather than immediately pick out the bad.

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Instead of asking you to fill out long forms, Hindur bases its matches on the proclivities you list on your Facebook page. So you might want to bolster that up significantly before signing up.

If I were still single, the finality of this app would freak me out a bit (OK, a lot). But since I am indecisive to a fault, perhaps having something else to take the reins would help me grow. If nothing else, Hindur is definitely different. And hey, no one is actually taking away your free will to break up with your match. There is no contract. Your family will not disown you for not going through with the marriage — unless they signed you up in which case you’re on your own.

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