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Man’s Fitbit charts his breakup

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that a Fitbit can be useful for more than tracking activity, exercise, food, weight and sleep. There was the husband who discovered he was going to be a dad by looking at his wife’s Fitbit data. And the teenager who claims her Fitbit saved her life by alerting her to a serious heart condition.

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Recently, Koby Soto shared the precise moment he was dumped by his partner, posting a screenshot of his heart rate that day on Twitter. When he took the breakup call, it was at an all-time high.

It begs the question, what effect are our relationships having on our hearts?

This week, Redditor johnnybags shared a screenshot of his resting heart rate over the past 30 days, with the caption, “So, my girlfriend moved out.”

The picture shows the man’s heart rate steadily dropping from 75 beats per minute to 61 beats per minute over a period of 30 days — indicating that the departure of his ex has resulted in an altogether more calm, stress-free life.

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At one point, his heart rate temporarily increases again, before dropping. One Reddit user commented: “I’m guessing that little spike halfway through is her coming back because she forgot to take her things,” to which johnnybags replied, “So right you are.”

Fitbit shows breakup heart rate
Image: johnnybags/Reddit

“This is what peace looks like,” said another user, while someone else commented, “At least you have the data to prove you’re better off without her.”

Johnnybags confirmed that he and his girlfriend had split up and that she was now definitely an ex, writing, “Couldn’t be happier.”

Who’d have thought a Fitbit would be able to help us out with relationship issues?

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