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Man on Tinder creates PowerPoint to convince woman to stay in his city

Austin, Texas-based Hunter was swiping on Tinder earlier this month when he matched with a beautiful woman named Amanda.

Unfortunately, Amanda was only in town for the SxSW festival and was about to head back to Chicago.

Image: h_smith

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He felt a connection with her after chatting for a while, so he did what any guy would do: He created a PowerPoint presentation on his phone that detailed — in 10 slides — why she should stay. Some of the finer points of his argument included that he’s the “perfect gentleman” and is “an intriguing mix of comedian, slight immaturity, amazing cooking skills, and meme/pop culture references that basically makes me unforgettable.”

He’s also not afraid “to open his wallet,” has a Netflix account and a cat that would fall into “a deep depression” if she left. If that wasn’t enough, he included two references.

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There was something in it for him, too: The possibility of “touching her butt” if things went well.

Ultimately, Amanda wasn’t swayed even though she laughed so hard it caused a scene in the Austin airport. She did have an alternative proposal for him: Move to Chicago.

Ultimately, they both decided to stay in their respective cities, but he confirmed on Reddit that they’re still talking. I’m calling it: They’ll get married and a movie will be made about their courtship.

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The title? You’ve Got a Tinder Match.

You’re welcome, Hollywood.

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