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4 apps that are scientifically proven to help mend breakup pain

If your relationship isn’t working out and you’re considering splitting up, these apps and services can help you make a cleaner and more amicable break. 

Sometimes relationships just don’t work out. If you and your partner have decided you’ve given it all you can but will probably be better off apart, the first thing you need to do is make a plan — especially if you live together and will be forced to split assets and move your stuff out asap. Moral support will come in handy, as well as focus on yourself and your physical and mental health (hey, breaking up isn’t a walk in the park).

Fortunately, there are apps and services out there that can make your breakup as painless as possible. Here are four you need to know about:


Because there are few things in life more uncomfortable than standing in the living room that was once yours and isn’t anymore, trying to decide what the heck you’re going to do with a piano while your ex glares at you, is an on-demand storage company that comes to you with a team of movers and a truck. They’ll also do something pretty important that will likely slip your mind as you’re reeling from the recent demise of your relationship. “Clutter will do all the heavy lifting and photograph everything you’re putting into storage so you can access it online,” says Organizing & Storing Expert Emma Gordon of “When you find a new place, you can have exactly what you need delivered back to you.”

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2. TalkSpace

You’re trying to figure out where you’re going to live next, perhaps reassessing your entire life and doing all of that while working a full-time job. It would be nice to visit a therapist, but if you find yourself pressed for time, TalkSpace is an incredible option. “TalkSpace is an app that connects you to licensed therapists who can help you through pretty much anything, breakups included,” Gordon says. “If you want to remain anonymous you can, and you can connect when you want, as often as you’d like for a flat fee.” Go on, we all need to vent after a breakup.

3. GiveGab

It can be tempting to stew or lose ourselves within ourselves when we’re going through a difficult time. GiveGab is a free social volunteering app that helps you find volunteer opportunities in your area based on your skills and interests, or based on what your friends are up to, Gordon says. And, since volunteering is catchy, you can even post photos of your experience and inspire others in your area to pitch in. And, who knows? You may just meet someone interesting while taking all of the focus off of your pain.

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4. Sworkit

Sometimes the best way to work off that negative energy is by building up a sweat. Sworkit is an app that creates and sends personalized workout videos to any device so that you can follow a trainer at home or the gym, Gordon says. You don’t need equipment, and you can customize each workout to fit the amount of time you have available. Sworkit is also a reminder of one of the best things about breaking up with someone: You now have more time and freedom to focus on your health and discover activities that make you happy.

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