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What dating would be like if The Bachelor was your life (VIDEO)

I know it can be fun and even gut-wrenching to watch, but The Bachelor is the farthest thing from reality. Aside from the obvious fact that no one can totally be themselves while on camera, the things that go on between the bachelor and his ladies are as staged as they get. Rarely do people talk about their emotions towards the person they’re seeing that much that soon, real dates are rarely “the best date ever” and no one actually calls spending time alone together a “one-on-one.”

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That being said, we still love watching it because it elevates our preconceived notion of what falling in love looks like to the nth degree. But what if real-life dating actually did look like it does on The Bachelor? Would we be able to handle the incredible romantic bliss of a night where we just hang out and watch reruns of Friends? Would we constantly have breakdowns every time our dudes change the toilet paper roll because there’s nothing more sexy and selfless?

Thankfully, the hilarious folks over at Mashable decided to recreate this “what if” scenario for us so we don’t have to go out and buy a bunch of roses. And in order to show the world just how unlike the world The Bachelor really is, they had the girlfriends play the parts of the dates against their otherwise normal boyfriends. You’re welcome in advance for the hilarity that ensues.

As you can plainly see, when put up against normal, real-life relationship interactions, classic lines from The Bachelor look totally insane. If you acted like that with someone you just started dating, chances are you wouldn’t be dating him/her for much longer. So why do we totally buy into it when we’re watching it on the small screen? I suppose it’s the same reason we buy into outlandish movie scenarios that would probably never happen in real life — it’s fanciful and entertaining. We love drama because we don’t see a lot of it in our day-to-day. It’s like a quick trip to fantasy land.

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However, The Bachelor is different because two real people are expected to get married in real life at the end of it. As such, I pity The Bachelor couples because they’ve only ever known each other in this alternate reality where you spout random monologues at each other, look perfect all the time and say things like “going into today.” The rest of their relationship will be a far cry from that, which is probably why so many couples don’t make it very long — the honeymoon happened before the wedding.

Rather than wishing we had dates like on The Bachelor, we should be thankful for our boring, basic relationships. At the end of the day, we get to cuddle up together and go to sleep, rather than wear super-binding outfits and take lonely limo rides back to the airport when things don’t work out.

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