10 ways to get stronger bones without doubling down on milk

A diet rich in calcium means our hypothetical grandchildren won’t have to worry about us breaking a hip. Not to mention how great that would be for you to never break a hip! So here are some surprising ways to get your 1,000 mg daily value of calcium while barely trying.

1. Oranges

You can get your intake throughout the day by making healthy snack choices. Two oranges a day will get you about 10 percent of your daily value.

Calcium value: 43 mg in 1 cup-size orange

2. Bok choy

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Add these greens to a stew or whip up a stir-fry with steamed bok choy for about 10 percent of your daily value of calcium.

Calcium value: 105 mg per 100-g serving

3. Sardines

Homemade pizza, anyone? Buy a few cans for your next pizza night, or try sardines in a Greek salad (if you dare) for more than one-third of your daily value of calcium.

Calcium value: 351 mg in 1 can

4. Strength training

Strong bones
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Just one more reason to exercise! According to Prevention, if your bones are healthy, you can build up bone density by working out using your own body weight as resistance. Think plyometrics, resistance bands and lots of jumping.

5. Greek yogurt

Start your day with a nutritional breakfast of plain, nonfat Greek yogurt, and you’re almost at 20 percent of your daily value. (Trick: We like to treat Greek yogurt with almonds and chocolate chips as a dessert, too.)

Calcium value: 187 mg in one 170-g container

6. Calcium-fortified cereals

Calcium fortified cereal
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Favorite brands such as Cheerios and Raisin Bran are now making sure that their classic cereals come with enough calcium to make those moms in the commercials actually smile. Muesli and farina take a little longer to make but have fewer additives and just as much — if not more — nutritional content.

7. Almonds

Another one of our favorite alternatives to a handful of potato chips, almonds are also a great addition to this calcium-friendly meal: Greek yogurt, muesli, almonds and your favorite fruit for good measure.

Calcium value: 385 mg in 1 cup

8. Canned salmon

Add canned salmon to your next bagel for 20 percent of your calcium daily value. The salmon bones are where we get our nutritional value, so mash them up and spread it! (Don’t worry: They’re tiny and thin. You won’t taste a thing.)

Calcium value: 215 mg in 1 can

9. Kale

kale calcium
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Aside from its Instagrammable value, the nutritional content of this superfood cannot be overstated. In addition to part of your daily value of calcium, you’ll load up on potassium and vitamins A, C and K.

Calcium value: 72 mg per 100-g serving

10. Dried figs

Another yummy-slash-healthy dessert option, this treat packs a heavy nutritional punch with calcium, antioxidants and fiber.

Calcium value: 162 mg per 100-g serving


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