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The creative way one woman used Instagram to get back at her cheating ex

Instagram is truly a highlight reel of our lives. Just think of how much thought — and filtering — goes into many shots and you’ll realize that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

Take this woman, for instance. A look at her Instagram feed showed a ton of smiling photos with her boyfriend, but things were not as they seemed.

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“My buddy broke up with his girlfriend recently and today one of my friends discovered she changed all the captions of her Instagrams with him to just shit on him,” reader Dan told Barstool Sports.

The unidentified woman’s captions tell the real stories behind every happy-looking pose.

“We finally made it to Riverhead to go berry picking (where my car broke down and he just yelled at me),” she wrote on one.

Instagram captions
Image: Barstool Sports

“The girl he banged in high school came to visit 2 weeks after this pic was taken and he told me I would just have to deal with it,” she added on another.

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“This was the first time his family heard about me even though we had been [together] since October,” read another.

Image: Barstool Sports

It sounds like this woman is justifiably upset about her jerk of an ex, but it sounds like he did her a huge favor by breaking it off. The captions are just the type of therapy she needed to cleanse this d-bag out of her life forever.

And hopefully his future girlfriends “accidentally” see these photos so they know what they’re in for.

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