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Divorcees create showstopping cakes to mark end of their marriages (PHOTOS)

Divorce parties are a thing. Last year the #divorceselfie was a regular feature on our Instagram feeds. And now divorcees are celebrating the end of their marriages with some rather incredible divorce cakes.

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A growing number of once-marrieds have taken to Instagram to show off the “Happy Divorce” creations. Some are funny, some are spiteful and some simply embrace a positive outlook for the future. Here are 15 divorce cakes to inspire you if you’re planning your own end-of-marriage shindig.

1. That’s one way to get rid of him…

2. Summing it up in two little words

3. It’s not me, it’s you!

4. He ain’t ever coming back

5. Continuing the macabre trend

6. Sending him packing

7. Breaking out of those cuffs

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8. Position vacant

9. Returning the ring

10. He’s not getting any help

11. Point made

12. Sweet revenge

13. Sometimes only certain words will suffice

14. Divorce, Star Wars style

15. A mean left hook

Would you have a divorce cake? Let us know your thoughts on this trend in the comments below.

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