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Get rid of gifts from your ex by donating them to a new LA museum

Some love letters. A mix CD filled with love songs. A teddy bear holding a heart. Even a diamond necklace.

We all have some mementos from past relationships stuffed somewhere in our homes. And we all have different reasons for keeping them — for nostalgia’s sake, clinging to hope that the person will come back, sentimental reasons.

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Now you can get rid of those relics for good by donating them to a museum.

The Museum of Broken Relationships is opening near Hollywood and Highland in Los Angeles in May and will feature items donated from locals.

“Some relationships end — with lovers, with loved ones, with dreams and with cities,” reads an online donation form. “If you’ve wished to unburden the emotional load by erasing everything that reminds you of that painful experience by throwing it all away — don’t. Give it to us.”

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Founded in Zagreb, Croatia, by exes Olinka Vištica and Dražen Grubiši?, the Museum of Broken Relationships started as a traveling exhibit and found its permanent home in 2010. The Los Angeles branch will feature about 70 pieces from the Croatian museum and 30 from American donors.

You can sign your items up to be considered — no one will know your name, except the museum curators. Sure, it might be difficult to part with your past, but it’ll absolutely take a weight off your shoulders.

And besides, who needs love letters from 2005, anyway?

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