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New dating app brings fitness lovers together

There are only so many hours in a day, so if you’re single and want to stay fit, how on earth do you squeeze in a job, working out and dating? Simple — with Sweatt — the fitness-lover’s new go-to dating app. 

Sure, you can put “fitness” down as your favorite hobby on most dating websites, but unfortunately that often pigeonholes you as a “workout fanatic,” which can scare off prospective dates. So rather than feeling apprehensive about flying your fitness flag, why not own it on a site specifically designed for like-minded individuals?

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Today, there’s definitely a growing number of people who spend most of their downtime at the gym, or experimenting with CrossFit, or going hiking upstate. However, it’s often hard to meet these people, because when we work out, they tend to either be super solitary, or do it with a close friend. Simply put, their “date me” signs aren’t prominently displayed. What Sweatt does is it helps you get past the headphones, phone screens and workout buddies to the people who are also looking for love.

Like Tinder, Sweatt connects you with singles who work out in your area. They might even frequent the same gym or classes you do, but you never realized they were single. The app will try to match you more on your lifestyle choices rather than the specific workouts you choose to do. So if you’re a runner, you could sync up with a yogi who works out four times a week and eats clean, just like you.

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Image: Sweatt

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One great, and perhaps somewhat intimidating, aspect of the app is it prides itself on showing you large, extremely clear photos of your prospective matches. You get to post up to five, full phone-sized photos, and while they can be anything, most (as you’d probably assume) are fitspo-centric selfies. So if can make a full vertical split look good, that would definitely attract some attention. However, please, please stretch before you have your workout buddy or trainer take that picture — a strained groin muscle is no joke.

Sweatt matches
Image: Sweatt

For people who use this app, fitness is a lifestyle, not a hobby. If this sounds like you, it’s perhaps the best place to start whether you’re getting back into the dating game, or simply in a rut with your other dating apps. Just remember, CrossFit lovers are one type of animal, and spinners are something very different. Mixing the ideologies could result in some serious inter-gym warfare.

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