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Startup bets you’ll give up your coffee for a caffeine bracelet

There are few things better in life than the moment when that sip of coffee or tea hits you with a jolt of caffeine. I’d argue that it’s probably one of the best parts of your morning routine.

But would you stop drinking coffee or tea if you could get caffeine from other sources? The brains behind the Joule Caffeine Bracelet are banking on it.

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“The Joule Caffeine Bracelet Provides Convenient, Consistent, All-Day Energy with No Crashes, No Long Lines at the Coffee Shop, No Stained Teeth and No Calories (sic)!” creators Adam Paulin and Alex Kryuk, wrote on the bracelet’s Indiegogo page.
Here’s how it works: You snap on the bracelet and a transdermal patch on the inside will deliver caffeine through your skin and directly into your bloodstream, similarly to how nicotine is transferred with the patch. The idea is that it’ll deliver a consistent dose of caffeine throughout the day without the jitters and crash that come with downing a latte. Each patch is good for about four hours, so to get more you just slap on another one.

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There’s no set release date for the Joule quite yet, but you can reserve yours now for a pledge of $29. You’ll be in good company since the pair has blown their original $15,000 goal out of the water — they’re now up to almost $65K.

It is scientifically possible to absorb through the skin and there have been caffeinated products introduced over the years, but they’ve failed to really catch on. Why? Caffeine is still best ingested — at least according to every person who visits Starbucks. I’ll take a Caramel Macchiato, thank you.

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