Awesome trainer works out with wine bottles, makes fitness look fun (VIDEO)

Working out can be a struggle for even the most fit people, especially if they also have a busy household to manage. However, one mom found a great way to make it more fun for herself. She combined working out with one of her favorite things — wine

Like most moms, 24-year-old April Storey from Redding, California, was just trying to make the most of her available time in between her job and wrangling her kids. She had been doing home workouts for a while now and even posting her own to her social media feeds, but this idea to add wine into the mix came out of a New Year’s Eve party.

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She was in the process of setting up for the evening festivities when she decided to fit in a quick workout. “I was getting ready to do a workout, a video like I normally do — posting workout videos. I saw the wine there, and I’m like, ‘You know, that would be kind of funny to incorporate wine into this workout video,’” she told ABC 7. And lo and behold, the wine workout was born.

Now that’s a workout I’d be down for any day of the week! Storey posted the video on Facebook in early January, and as of today, it’s been viewed over 18 million times. It just goes to show, a simple idea you can succinctly capture in 15 seconds or under has the power to make quite a ripple in the Internet world.

If you like her style, Storey’s personal Facebook and Instagram pages are filled with many more workouts, only some of which involve wine. However, we’ll just be showing you the booze-filled ones in this piece, because they’re simply the best. Here are a few more to help rev up your fitspo.

Those lower-body moves have my name written all over them. Naturally Storey was thrilled with the attention her videos were getting, especially because it helped bolster the views on her many other workout videos. When it comes down to it, all it really is is a little treat she occasionally uses to get through a workout — it just also happens to be something to which the rest of the world can seriously relate.

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And aside from the drinking part of it, using wine bottles as weights is a great substitute if you don’t have the time or money to go out and buy actual weights. “What I want to show people with my videos is that fitness is something you can do every day. You can do it anywhere, and you can use anything,” Storey told ABC 7. “You don’t have to have equipment. You don’t have to spend a lot of money.”

Some commenters did get on Storey for spreading a potentially dangerous workout habit. One woman claimed that drinking while working out can increase your risk of a heart attack because it dehydrates you. While that may be true, Storey appears to be drinking small sips for comedic effect rather than seriously knocking back the vino. Most understood she was not promoting an unhealthy habit but rather offering up a way to make fitness more fun and accessible.

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As such, I will be using the Champagne bottles we bought for Oscar night to strengthen my triceps later today.