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How yoga and meditation helped me discover who I am

For some, it takes quite a few years to really understand who we are. We all have our unique paths of finding our purpose and passion. Our life’s story shapes our behaviors and underlies one’s identity. The question we ask ourselves constantly is: “Who am I, and how is my life uniquely meaningful? What is my purpose?”

My magic secret is yoga and meditation. I can’t stress this secret enough and how this has helped me in my life over the last 12 years. Although we travel this journey of searching and exploring life, it’s easy to think that there is some sort of destination we must reach to feel as though we have arrived, when that is certainly not the case. We travel the world not only to learn more about the beauty around us but to explore who we are, and our purpose is remarkable in itself.

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Yoga has taught me patience and kindness not only to myself but to others as well. Yoga has the capabilities to assist you through learning your likes and dislikes along with your expectations in life. Pushing past the fear of the unknown and conquering your fear is also a plus through yoga and meditation. You will no longer inquire about who you are but simply begin to live with joy.

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It will no longer be a mission to look outside of yourself to become something that you are not but merely embrace who you are and speak your truth without fear. I do believe we search for ourselves in the world simply because we are waiting for approval. We also are guilty of the personality we choose to expose when honestly your truth is the best outfit that you could ever wear.

There is a great deal of aspiration and courage when one can stand in their own truth, but it takes courage to get to this level in life. If I could suggest any activity, I definitely would suggest yoga and meditation to begin your journey of truth — a moment to sit with yourself in silence to accept who you are and what you can offer the world.

Take a moment to embrace the imperfect you with your head held high full of vibrant authenticity.

Pull away from your work and take some time for yourself. I know it may be a little difficult if you are a workaholic like myself, but trust me it’s worth it. Find a quiet space from everyone to sit and listen to your heart beat. Take three deep breaths to decompress. Clear your mind and don’t allow yourself to ask questions. Just be for 15 minutes. Roll your shoulders back for a count of 20 and release. Rest your eyes and allow your body to relax. When your 15 minutes are up, Ask yourself one question: “What is important to me right now in this very moment?” The answer should be yourself and your peace of mind.

I encourage you to live your best life.

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Denita Austin, best selling author, publisher and yoga coach,

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