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Wedding proposal at Toronto aquarium photobombed by a stingray

Most men spend a long time contemplating the perfect way to pop the question, and after months of careful planning, the hopes are that everything goes perfectly and the answer is “yes.” But this is what it looks like when your proposal gets upstaged by a stingray.

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Taylor Mckay’s boyfriend, Chris Hammer, asked her to marry him during a trip to Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto, and it was the perfect moment except for one thing: every single photo they have was photobombed by a stingray.

Mckay took to Reddit under the username McYay to share the images of their romantic moment and laugh about the inclusion of the stingray.

“Will you…” yep, that stingray is not letting anyone steal her limelight.

Couple's romantic proposal gets photobombed by a stingray
Image: McYay/Reddit

Three pictures were taken, none without the stingray.

Couple's romantic proposal photobombed by a stringray
Image: McYay/Reddit

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But then again, how many people can say a stingray photobombed their engagement photos? We’re guessing not too many, which only makes this proposal even more epic.

Couple's romantic proposal photobombed by a stingray
Image: McYay/Reddit

“Chris had had the proposal planned for a few months — CN Tower for dinner, swanky hotel and a trip to Ripley’s Aquarium,” Mckay said, according to the Daily Mail. “We thought the aquarium would be a great way to top off the romantic weekend.”

The couple were then selected from the crowd to play a game, and her boyfriend had organised for there to be a sign in the background which read “Will you marry me?”

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“As I spun round I saw a diver in the tank holding a sign that said ‘Will you marry me?’ — I gasped and turned towards Chris, who was down on one knee with a big grin and holding out a ring,” Mckay said of the big moment, adding, “It was completely unexpected — I feel very blessed to have the proposal captured in such a candid way.

“It wasn’t until we got home and saw the pictures that I realised the stingray had made his way into them — I thought it was really funny.”

And apparently the stingray thought so, too.

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