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Videos showing serious dental cleanings are now trending on YouTube

A huge number of people have a morbid curiosity with the various things that come out of people’s bodies.

How do I know that? Pimple and cyst-popping videos get huge numbers on Instagram. But as gross — and as fascinating — as those videos are, a new, grosser type has emerged.

And it’ll inspire you to break out the floss and make a dentist appointment, stat.

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Dental calculus removal videos are apparently the new pimple popping. The name is the term for tartar and plaque that has built up over time and calcified, necessitating the need for serious dental intervention.

The videos are pretty gross, showing what appears to be tooth enamel, but is eventually shown to be the tartar that’s adhered to the teeth. One absolutely disturbing video of a Japanese man’s calculus removal has clocked over 4.3 million views. The man “shows up last visit with a decade of calcite and plaque built up due to authentic Japanese cuisine, smoking, and having never flossed,” according to the description on the video.

Watch only if you can handle the various things that come out of people’s bodies.
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While these videos are gross, they do serve a huge purpose in (hopefully) inspiring people to make regular dental visits or at least to floss more often. I floss every time I brush my teeth — and sometimes even more often — but many people I know scoff at it, saying they never floss. It literally takes two minutes and can help prevent serious gum disease. Women aged 30 to 50 are particularly susceptible to these serious gum problems, thanks to our special hormone fluctuations.

So, just watch this video the next time you don’t want to floss. I guarantee it’ll change your mind.

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