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Man calls his pregnant wife fat on Family Feud (may he rest in peace)

What are the three words every pregnant woman wants to hear? Hint: It’s NOT, “You are fat.”

Family Feud fails can be epic. Because the show is unscripted and contestants have to answer quickly with whatever first comes into their minds, you get a peek into true humanity. I mean, does reality TV get any realer than asking someone, “What is Russia famous for?” and having them answer “Russians”?

Most of the time it’s just funny (tinged with schadenfreude). Like the lady who completed the word “pork” with “upine.” Or the dude who answered, “Kentucky Fried Chicken,” to “A man’s name that starts with K.” Or my personal favorite, when the topic was “Things a burglar would not want to see in a house,” and the contestant yelled, “Naked grandma!!”? Sadly, it would seem there just never is an appropriate time to yell, “Naked grandma,” in public.

But then there are the times where you’re pretty sure you’re watching the end of somebody’s whole world. Like this recent moment when a man tells his pregnant wife what he really thinks of the body growing his child.

Host Steve Harvey, asks Tarak, “Admit it, just once you’d like to tell your wife she’s what?” And Tarak answers, “That she’s fat.”

Oh. but that’s not even the worst part! Before he so lovingly insulted his pregnant (and not at all fat!) wife, he prefaced it with, “I’m going to get in a lot of trouble for this, but…” Yes, he actually thought about it before he said it—something 90 percent of foot-in-mouth contestants can’t say.

Steve Harvey, himself no stranger to blurting out things he’s not supposed to on television, just walks away and says, “Yeah, good luck back at the house!”

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As a woman who’s been visibly pregnant six times, I can attest that this is the last thing you ever want to hear come out of somebody’s mouth. It’s even worse than “Haven’t you had that baby yet?”, “You must be having twins!” or “I only gained 10 pounds myself.” Because in those instances, it’s usually (a) strangers insulting you, and (b) they’re only euphemistically calling you fat.

Man, Tarak, I hope you won a lot of money on that game show, and I hope you used every penny of it to buy your gorgeous wife an amazing gift. (And it better not be a gym membership!)

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