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Honest Tampon Commercial tells the truth about periods (VIDEO)

If you’re a woman living within her fertile years, you know the tortures that accompany getting your period. You’re constantly cramping, moody, tired, bloated — and oh, not to mention bleeding nonstop for days. Frankly, there should be a universal holiday called Period Day, when everyone takes a moment to reflect on the horrors we women go through once a month.

Brilliant comedians Sarah Rotella and and Adrianna DiLonardo are right there with you, which is why they decided to make a tampon commercial parody. Ever watch those tampon or pad commercials and find yourself getting really mad at how periods are portrayed? They essentially make it look like finding the right tampon or pad will make all the other gross, uncomfortable side effects of having your period go away. News flash: They don’t. And Rotella and DiLonardo wanted to make that abundantly clear.

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That girl who looks like a fallen soldier on her yoga mat at the very beginning is all of us. Rotella and DiLonardo spend most of the video debunking all those silly lies tampon and pad commercials feed us every day. Yes, for the most part, all tampons are the same — “you stick them in your v** to stop you from bleeding all over your pants.” Pretty self-explanatory, right?

If tampon companies want to do a better job selling to women, they should really take a note from these awesome ladies. Having your period is not fun or easy, and the only things that somewhat numb the discomfort are painkillers, not fluffy wads of cotton. I for one would feel more inclined to buy the tampon brand that owns up to this reality and shows us the whole bloated, bloody truth.

Hands down favorite part is when the girl wakes up in the morning and breathes a sigh of relief because she didn’t bleed all over her bed. Cut to that giant splotch of blood on her underwear as she gets up and walks past her judging cat. We’ve all been there, sister friend.

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Then, of course, they go into the ubiquitous side-by-side tampon testing in blue water. I too always wondered why they use blue water to demonstrate human liquids. They do that in diaper commercials too. Perhaps it’s because having it be a normal color would make it all “too real” for consumers? I personally think the unnatural color is weirder.

But the punchline is what really counts in this video. There’s simply no reason to advertise tampons and pads, because as women who bleed, we have to buy them! And unless one company finally discovers how to make them entirely biodegradable, they’re all pretty much the same. So the commercials trying to distinguish one from the other end up being almost as funny as this parody.

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If you liked what Rotella and DiLonardo did here, you should check out their new movie, Almost Adults. It’s about what happens when two best friends deal with a surprising development — one’s been gay all along. The release date is still TBA, but you can check out the hilarious trailer here.

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