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Woman uses Facebook to track down the owner of lost wedding photos

Facebook is useful for a lot of things: keeping in touch with friends who live on the other side of the world, snooping around to see what people you went to high school with are doing now and returning lost photos.

British backpacker Holly Edwards used the social media platform to track down the owner of a photo album she found while working in a second-hand store in Perth.

The album was full of black-and-white wedding photos and stashed away in a wooden cabinet.

The owner of the cabinet and the photographs is 89-year-old Lloyd Jones, who accidentally left the photo albums in the draw when he donated his furniture before moving into a retirement village.

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Adding photos of the album on her Facebook page, Edwards asked people to share the images as much as possible so its owner could be found.

The image was shared more than 50,000 times, which led to Jones’ niece to recognise the photos. She reached out to Edwards, but her message almost went unnoticed.

“Because I was getting so many Facebook messages, I didn’t see it,” she told Today Tonight.

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“She ended up contacting my family in the U.K., and then my mum and dad said to me, ‘I think you’ve found her, you need to go through your messages and find this lady.'”

Finally Edwards managed to arrange a meeting so Jones could be reunited with his long-lost photographs from his 1949 marriage to wife Thelma. He had no idea they were actually missing but said, “It’s so wonderful to see them again.”

According to statistics released in the Nielsen report last year, there are around 13 million active users on Facebook in Australia each month. So if you’ve lost something, Facebook is a good place to find it, especially since we check Facebook around 14 times a day.

Different groups have popped up online, like the Facebook page Lost and Found Cameras and Photos, a page dedicated to reuniting people with their lost mementos.

Have you ever been reunited with something you lost through Facebook? Let us know.

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