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Sexist man dumps girlfriend on Valentine’s Day and films the entire thing

Getting dumped is never fun, but when someone devises an elaborate scheme and films the whole thing, it turns really nasty. In this man’s case, it’s just sexist and completely disrespectful.

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Scorned man Kyle Boggess decided to get revenge on his girlfriend of two weeks by pretending to surprise her with a romantic Valentine’s Day gesture, but instead he presented her with a breakup. From what we can tell from the videos he uploaded to YouTube, the woman cheated on him, and while we don’t condone her behaviour, the way that Boggess reacted was in fact much worse.

In the video he can be heard hurling abusive slurs at the woman, including “whore” and “motherf***er” (even if the latter remark appears to have been said in jest). Regardless of what this woman may or may not have done, she doesn’t deserve to be demeaned and disrespected, and even worse is the fact that he attempted to publicly make a mockery of her.

Be warned, the video contains some NSFW language.

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The woman doesn’t appear to be at all worried by her now ex-boyfriend’s attempts to humiliate her, even though the behaviour exhibited towards her in the video is absolutely disgusting. But many commenters seem to think that what Boggess did was OK, which is quite disturbing.

Commenter IAMJEM27 wrote, “A whore is a piece of shit, If she don’t have dignity.. She better stay a whore, just don’t play on two roads bitch!” Charming guy, right?

And another came from BlueAziz SA, who wrote, “Great job but i think she deserves more than that Let her burn inside”.

These comments only encourage and perpetuate hate against women. If the roles were reversed, would those men be jeering like they are now? Most probably not.

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The third video is reportedly from the “brother’s view”, which we have to assume is Boggess’ brother, because unless this woman’s brother is seriously messed up, there is no way he would tolerate remarks like “goodbye slut” and “that pussy is wide as f***”.

Comments on this post include, “If this is completely real, then it’s utter justice. Savage as f***, but I can’t believe she doesn’t even bat an eyelid when things change”, Troy Kelly wrote.

Um, would you bat an eyelid if someone reacted like this and created an elaborate ploy to embarrass you?

Fortunately some commenters think this man is as disrespectful as we do.

Reactions to sexist man dumping his girlfriend
Image: Kyle Boggess/YouTube
Reactions to sexist man dumping his girlfriend
Image: Kyle Boggess/YouTube

Do you agree that this woman came off as the better person in this video? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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