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Many couples think singles are the ones having more fun on Valentine’s Day

Everyone thinks couples have it best on Valentine’s Day because they have someone special to share it with, but couples beg to differ. According to a new study, they’re often wishing they were living the single life on the “most romantic day of the year.”

An online lawyer service called First4lawyers decided to take it upon themselves to debunk the “Valentine’s Day is for couples” myth. Not sure why a lawyer company was the group to tackle this, but hey, maybe they’ll get a few divorce cases out of it. They surveyed 2,000 people in the United Kingdom, both single and coupled alike, and discovered that while 35 percent of singles wished they were in a relationship on V-Day, 34 percent of people in a relationship wished they weren’t. So the next time your single friend makes you feel bad for being part of a twosome on V-Day, throw that fun statistic at her.

A whopping 70 percent of people in relationships also said the holiday was nothing special to them. And only 10 percent of those couples said that was because their kids took all the romance out of the day. The rest just believe it’s a meaningless holiday designed by the candy and flower companies to make us spend more money.

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As a person who’s been in a relationship longer than online dating’s been a thing (for real), this totally resonates with me. I love my fiancé, but our Valentine’s Days together have been either super mundane or fraught with anxiety over what we choose to do with it. As I’m sure most people know, getting a reservation on V-Day is next to impossible, and even if you manage it, you’ll likely be paying an astronomical prix fixe for the same meal you’d get for 25 percent less on any other night. As such, it really puts a damper on the “romance” factor. Personally, I’d much rather spend the day drinking with friends (my guy can be there too) and/or staying in and watching horror films.

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That last part apparently resonates with single people too. According to the survey, 66 percent of single people said they’ll probably be spending the “most romantic day of the year” at home, catching up on their favorite program. You see? Our capitalist society has built up this holiday so much that it’s made all of us want to just lay low and hide from it until it’s over.

Why not rename the holiday International We’re All Fabulous Day and make it so that we all can just hang out together and celebrate how great we are as individuals? That sounds better than spending the day feeling crappy for not having a partner or fretting over overpriced plans. Based on the numbers, everyone feels pressure to be a perfect couple on V-Day, so no one ends up having a good time. Let’s just change the game, break the line between singles and couples and party like we’re all back in college. I’ll bring the tequila.

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