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Man searches for woman who left her shoe in cab in modern fairy tale

If you loved the Cinderella fairy tale — the story of a prince seeking his princess through a hot pair of shoes — then you will love this modern day retelling.

Jay Breen is our 32 year-old Prince Charming. A couple weeks ago, he shared a taxi with a “gorgeous” stranger (we’ll call her Ella) from Heathrow Airport into London. They apparently shared a nice conversation, but when she exited, she left one item — a tennis shoe.

The plot thickens.

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Since then, he has been searching for her and is using social media to solicit help. See below:
Adorable, right? Look, we all know in this day and age this could be a publicity stunt for a comedy show. Or a hoax. Or any number of things. Maybe it’s a social media experiment and he’s trying to go viral. But if there is any time of the year to lose our cynicism just a little, it’s now. Valentine’s Day. That Hallmark holiday. You know the one. OK, let’s suspend cynicism. Not encourage it.

In all honesty, this is a truly sweet story. “She’s really gorgeous, and she pretty much filled the cab with energy that I’ve not experienced in a long time,” Breen apparently said in an interview. If that’s not romantic, then tell me what is.

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Let’s keep this going and bring about a V-day miracle. We could all use some cheer in the doldrums of February. And besides, Cinderella seemed pretty happy after the prince found her. Right? Right? Well, OK. Maybe not totally happy. But anything is better than sweeping after jealous hussies and sleeping in the hearth. So let’s help Breen find his princess.

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