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Man divides marital bed into halves using a laser beam

Sharing a be can be one of the most frustrating parts of being a twosome. Sure, there are some great things that come from it — cuddling, sex, giggling together until you almost pee because of something you read in bed. But it can also be annoying. So one man’s creative solution to this issue is something you’ll either adore or loathe, depending on how you feel about bed sharing.

This Reddit user’s creative solution is going viral for all the right reasons. Rather than getting a divided King bed or putting tape down the middle (hello Marcia Brady!), this man used a laser beam that is obvious when the lights are both on and off to demarcate his side and his lover’s side. Genius or sex repellant? You be the judge. See below:

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It cracks me up. And you have to give the dude major points for creativity.

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The truth is, sharing a bed for the rest of your life really isn’t easy. My husband and I have been together 15 years and spent 99 percent of those nights in the same bed, save for business trips and when I have traveled. So I know a thing or two about this. When we first got together, we had an old king bed, but when we got our first place together, we downsized to a full. We slept on that full for 13 years. Through two kids. Through three moves. That was our bed. It was tiny and I thought it was wonderful that we were so close to each other.

Until we got our temperpedic King. How did I ever live without this baby?!

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Now at night we barely even see one another. It’s like we are in different zip codes. When the kids and the animals pile in our bed (we have three kids and five pets), we still feel like there is plenty of room. And yet, my husband still steals all the covers. He steals them and then he sleeps on top of them. Grrrr. Suffice it to say, I know the pain of bed sharing.

I think this is genius. He needs to market this stat. I think he has a real opportunity here. Saving marriages, one laser at a time.

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