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Woman with advanced cancer claims juicing has prolonged her life

In 2014, Natasha Grindley’s health was dire: She was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer and told by doctors that she would have only a few weeks to live. However, she wasn’t going to give up without a fight.

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According to The Express, Grindley and her husband, Ian, started researching the Internet for alternative treatments and for inspiration on how to create a more nutritious diet. This was how they came about juicing, the results of which have been miraculous.

“When you feel that low, to be given your body back is priceless”, she says. “I’m still being treated, but this has completely changed my life”.

Gone are the days of drinking large amounts of alcohol and eating greasy fast food, and Grindley claims her tumour has drastically decreased in size.

“My diet was awful before this — I drank lots of alcohol and takeaways. I didn’t realise that my body can’t do that, it was making me ill. Now I’m like a different person”, she said.

Speaking of the moment she learned of her prognosis, Grindley described how distraught she was.

“I was utterly devastated. It all happened quite quickly, and they put a camera down, and I could see that it was my stomach and had spread to my lymph nodes, my neck and my entire abdomen, really”, she said. “It was a very, very dark time for a while, and me and my husband started reading constantly to find alternative therapies”.

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Her journey to recovery is far from over, but Grindley has been sharing her progress and her healthy recipes (which she uses to power her immune system before chemotherapy) on her Facebook page called Heal For Real.

She has almost 9,000 followers, and her cancer journey seems to be inspiring others.

Comments on her post include one from Roz Parry, who wrote, “You are an inspiration truly. Please write a recipe book, we would all love to have these healthy recipes. I know hundreds of people would buy it. Thank you & stay healthy X”.

Commenter Dawn McCutcheon also shared her thoughts: “Not only are you on your own journey but to also try to make others aware of the benefits is amazing well done, sending lots of love xx”.

“With types of cancers like Natasha’s, there are a number of treatment routes that can be followed”, said Dr Sripadam, consultant in clinical oncology at the Clatterbridge Private Clinic in the Wirral, Merseyside, where Grindley is being treated. “Sometimes these choices can be difficult, and it’s important that the patient is well-informed and fully involved in the process of choosing the right treatment option for them, and that is the approach we take here”.

Although Dr Sripadam did not endorse Grindley’s page, he praised her for remaining so positive, explaining that her treatement is “ongoing, but she continues to remain positive, proactive and very involved in her care”.

Do you believe that juicing can help to prolong the life span of terminally ill cancer patients? Let us know your thoughts on this story below.

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