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Penn Holderness got something permanent for his wife for V-Day

Penn Holderness wanted to get his wife something truly special and unforgettable for Valentine’s Day this year. He’d gone the traditional flowers-and-candy route for years, so he was more than ready to mix things up, but I’m sure she never expected this.

The Holderness family is YouTube famous for making bold and hilarious parody music videos, but Penn’s V-Day surprise is something altogether different. This video is life at its realest (or as real as reality TV can be), because he’s obviously not 100 percent sold on his romantic yet what some might call foolhardy gift choice even when he’s in the process of getting it. I’ll stop hinting and let you see for yourself what Mr. Holderness did for love.

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Hey, at least she seemed genuinely touched by his permanent present! My favorite part is how much he goes back and forth between being totally convinced getting a wedding ring tattoo is the best idea and thinking it could not be more stupid. I think many who’ve gone through getting a tattoo for their significant other have been there. As Penn states over and over, it’s not like a band you can take off — this is a forever decision, but that’s what marriage is supposed to be too, so it’s sort of perfect.

Of course, it is a reality show, so you have to assume the idea was also meant to garner views, but we actually saw him get inked, so we know the gesture was a sincere one. That said, I don’t think it quite beats when he went into simulated labor for his wife on Mother’s Day, but it comes pretty close.

However, my favorite moment had nothing to do with the subject of the video. It was the daughter’s reaction to the whole ordeal. I can’t tell if it was the romantic gesture or the idea of her dad getting tattooed that did it, but she was utterly disgusted. Now that’s something you absolutely can’t stage, and it’s those moments that really stand out in real-life family dramas like this.

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All that having been said, I think the tattoo he got was pretty cool. It was super simple and tasteful, and I’m all about this new trend of couples getting inked wedding bands instead of the traditional ones you can take off. Penn makes that point himself — there’s something not altogether truthful about a symbol of marriage you can remove so easily. An inked band certainly says commitment, especially because it’s out on your hand where everyone can see it. I’m not saying I’d do it myself (needles scare me), but I understand the inclination and give Penn major props for making the somewhat painful decision.

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