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Couple met on Snapchat and got married despite living 5,000 miles apart

It’s not unusual for couples to meet online nowadays; let’s face it, we probably spend more time with our eyes on a screen than anywhere else so we wouldn’t even notice our soulmates if we walked past them in the street.

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The latest social media relationship story is a true against-all-odds tale. Nathan and Gabrielle met on Snapchat, fell in love and, eight months after their first tentative snaps, they got married. After only meeting in person once, due to the 5,000 miles between them IRL.

Yes, meeting up is kind of tricky when one of you lives in Cornwall and the other lives in Washington state. But, despite the distance, 18-year-old Nathan, a graphic designer, and 20-year-old Gabrielle, a baker and cake decorator, are now husband and wife and living together near Seattle.

Their love story can be charted over social media: Snapchat, video messages and webcam chats were the norm and even the proposal took place over Skype. As far as this particular couple goes marrying a stranger you met on the Internet is the way to go.

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Nathan told The Tab that he and Gabrielle had a connection from the very beginning.

“Technically we first met on a website named Tickld, a humour site where they were trying to get the small community together so people were posting their Snapchat,” he revealed. “I posted mine in the hope to meet new people, to which Gabrielle found my comment and found it was the least creepy of the bunch (her word exactly). She sent me a snap at 11pm US Pacific time, waking me up at 7am UK time. From there we stayed up talking with each other for hours on end. We never stopped video talking, then eventually Skyping continuously there after [sic].”

As well as proposing on Skype, Nathan sealed the deal with a second proposal in person when Gabrielle visited him in Cornwall.

“The first time [I proposed] I pushed the camera away, got down on one knee and asked, to which she said ‘yes’,” he said. “I sent her a diamond ring for Christmas that she wore. However I knew she wanted a face-to-face proposal as we had talked about everything before I proposed, so when she came over to England I took her to my local beach and gave her another one against the sunset.”

Would you be open to finding love online? Would you marry someone you had only met once? Let us know your thoughts.

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