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Jill Duggar’s husband makes sweet gesture of love we can all learn from

2015 was a rough year for the Duggar family, so it’s nice to see some of them getting back to the good stuff that makes up married life. A few days ago, Jill Duggar-Dillard posted an adorable photo on Instagram of her husband Derick painting her nails for her. 

No, she’s not pregnant again, and no it’s not her birthday. The simple act appears to be nothing more than something nice Derick wanted to do for his wife. Jill’s caption says it all — “my hubby painted my nails yesterday! He is the sweetest! @derickdillard I ? you!”

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And yet, for some reason, so many of the commenters are convinced he’d only do such a thing if his wife was compromised in some way (aka if she were pregnant, which again, she is not). I know it’s crazy, but sometimes the people who love you want to do things for you for no other reason than because they love you.

Thankfully, some of the thousands of commenters totally understood that, and responded with lovely affirmations.

  • taffypup64: Wow! That’s true love! That’s wonderful!”
  • rflewis85: Why can’t a husband just be nice… She’s not pregnant”
  • lindap360: Nice to see a husband who actually not only loves his wife, but one who likes her to do the little things too.”
  • reina_quidon: Very sweet. My spouse has done that for me before. It’s nice to feel pampered sometimes. :-)”

I agree — it is nice to feel pampered sometimes, especially when life’s been getting you down.

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When I’m feeling out of sorts, my fiancé makes me dinner and even runs to the corner store for my favorite ice cream sometimes. While it’s nothing monumental, it’s a genuine, selfless gesture of love that lets me know he gets it. In that way, this is perhaps the closest I’ve ever felt to the Duggars.

Hopefully this small act of love will inspire other couples to do something similar for each other, especially as we’re approaching Valentine’s Day. You don’t have to take your partner out for a big, fancy dinner — they’ll know how much you care even if you just bake them some cupcakes. Or organize the home office. Or take the kids to Grandma’s house so you two can have a night alone together.

This is a small reminder that love can be simple. What you do with it is your choice.

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