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‘Ice Ice Baby’ maid of honor toast might be the best ever

There are adorable wedding toast and then there is this amazing one set to “Ice, Ice Baby” by Vanilla Ice.

The toast comes out of England and is given by the bride’s immensely talented (and hilarious) sister. See below:

How cute is that? In a world where toasts tend to be uber boring, this one is anything but… but also, this is like a gauntlet thrown to all maids of honor. How can anyone possibly live up to the creativity and humor here?

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Back in the stone ages when I got married (13 years ago), my maid of honor gave a beautiful toast that covered the fact that my husband and I have know each other our whole lives and the way we remet as adults. It was equal parts funny and poignant and struck that balance I think is missing in so many viral wedding toasts. Because as cute as this is, I am not sure I got the “love” part within the funny part. Or maybe the poignant part is in the time it took to create this.

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Either way, it’s hilarious to watch and certainly ups the game of any maids of honor who are planning their speeches now. But I also like a little sap with my Champagne. Maybe that makes me in the minority. Either way, this needs to be seen. Because it’s creative. It’s hilarious. And doggone it, it’s eminently watchable.

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