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Don’t have a boyfriend for Valentine’s Day? Here’s how to fake one (PHOTOS)

If you’re sick of people asking why you’re single, there’s an easy way to stop them that doesn’t actually involve getting into a relationship. It’s never been easier to create a fake boyfriend, as writer Hannah Smothers demonstrated.

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All it took was six clever Instagram posts over the course of a week, and Smothers had friends and followers believing she had a new man.

The impetus for the ploy was to “cash in on the likes without having to worry about roping in a man in time for V-day”, Smothers wrote.

By staging photos of stereotypical lovey-dovey activities — the likes of which are shared endlessly by people who are in relationships IRL — Smothers managed to convince her social media followers that she had just met the “best guy”.

Her first pic was fairly subtle — a staged brunch photo during the recent East Coast winter storm, which she captioned, “Taking refuge with a new friend”. Smothers wrote, “I needed it to fit in with my Instagram essence, and I needed it to really look like I’d just met someone”.
“Someone not gross sent me flowers”, the single girl captioned the second picture — a beautiful bouquet of flowers.
The next post was, by Smothers’ own admission, “a poorly lit pic of a gross beer bottle”. But men drink beer, right?
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Things seemed to be getting serious with the next picture, captioned “Love on the L train”.
This was swiftly followed by a “best coffee with best guy” pic.
Finally, a Thai “date night ca(noodle)ing” seemed to seal the deal.
While it seems like Smothers could have run with this (it can’t be that hard to fake engagement photos, right?), she realised that her real-life friends were beginning to get fed up.

“They were curious, and they needed answers I couldn’t give”, she admitted.

“It’s one thing to lie without abandon on Instagram, but it’s quite another to just straight-up lie to close friends and family, and then have to explain to them on the phone that it’s all a big rouse, you don’t have a boyfriend, his name isn’t Josh, and perhaps you suddenly feel more alone than ever because you realized that faking it on IG was the most fun you’ve had on a date in months”, Smothers wrote.

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