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Domestic violence PSA to air during the Super Bowl will get people talking

The 2016 Super Bowl between the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers will undoubtedly be filled with plenty of hilarious commercials that we’ll all be talking about Monday.

The creators behind one new Super Bowl commercial hope their spot starts a conversation, but not for its jokes.

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The anti-domestic violence organization, No More, shows a simple text conversation between girlfriends. One wants her friend to come to her party, but the other won’t go because her boyfriend “is in one of his moods.”

The ad implies that the boyfriend, Jake, is either verbally or physically abusive and wants to keep her away from her friends. She’s asked if she’s OK, but the response never comes.

Unfortunately, this story is way more common than many of us would like to believe. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control estimates that every minute, 20 people are victims of domestic violence.

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That’s 20 too many.

No More’s hope is that, by using such a large platform, they can help people recognize the signs, especially younger people.

“This PSA captures how most young people — and many others — use texting to communicate, and how sometimes saying a little says a lot,” Virginia Witt, director of No More, said in a statement.

“Learning more can empower people to have potentially life-saving conversations and reach out for help. We hope this will be one more step toward the culture change we are seeking around domestic violence and sexual assault.”

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