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Londoners are going crazy for Hotpod yoga

We all know how good yoga is for your health and well-being. You might even have a favourite type of yoga — whether it’s Ashtanga, Kundalini or one of the several others — but have you ever heard of Hotpod yoga?

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It’s the new exercise craze to hit the U.K. — helping us all shed those extra Christmas pounds — whereby people take part in an intensive workout in a cocoon-like pod. It sounds strange but these portable pods, which can be likened to a bouncy castle, are temperature controlled and heated to a pretty toasty 36 to 38 degrees Celcius which helps you burn a few more calories and gives you a great cardio workout.

Another benefit of the heat, according to the Hotpod yoga website, is increased muscle flexibility, which helps to prevent injury. Their website claims that “sweating also helps us eliminate toxins, cleansing the body.”

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Hotpod yoga is a form of Vinyasa yoga, which according to the site is slightly different to Bikram because not only are the sessions shorter (Bikram is typically 90 minutes) they are also “slightly less hot, typically more flowing and are less prescriptive (we allow room for creativity, so that not every class or teacher will be exactly the same).”

People are raving about it on Twitter.

Right, you want to know more don’t you?

The classes last for 45 minutes to an hour (which is plenty of time to get a good workout) and they provide mats (you can bring your own if you prefer) so all you really need to bring is water and a towel.

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You shouldn’t eat at least an hour before your workout and you are advised to avoid Hotpod yoga if you are pregnant. You can, however, bring water with you to the workout, although it’s recommended that you don’t drink a lot during the session.

Hotpod yoga classes are currently running in various venues in central London, Milton Keynes, Nottinghamshire, Swansea and Cardiff. Finding time for yet another fitness trend in your busy schedule may be tough but this one sounds too good to miss. For more information head to

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