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Study shows how Netflix is affecting our relationships

Netflix recently commissioned an Ipsos poll of over 500 millennial subscribers in relationships about their viewing habits and activities with their sig other. They posed questions that touched on everything ranging from the importance of “show compatibility” with your partner to the art of negotiation when picking what to watch.

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For one, “showgoggles” is an actual thing — over half of people (56 per cent) say certain shows or genres can actually make the person they’re dating seem more attractive. So what should you stream to set the mood? Your best bet is to go with an “Action Thriller,” as 56 per cent of respondents say they’re more likely to find someone attractive when watching this sub-genre (think films like Kill Bill Vol. 1 and The Gunman). But documentaries and dramas also dial up your partner’s sex appeal, according to 53 per cent of those polled.

“Show compatibility,” or being able to agree on what to watch, was also important for many respondents. In fact, 42 per cent “have or would ask someone out based solely on show-compatibility,” while 73 per cent cited similar tastes in film and television as a reason to go on a first date.

Over half of those polled (53 per cent) even admitted to mentioning certain genres or shows on their online dating profiles as a ploy to snag dates who they could spend quality couch time with, while 77 per cent of people said that talking about movies and TV was a conversation icebreaker on a first date.

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Ipsos poll
Image: Netflix

Be sure to figure out a good Netflix negotiation strategy with your partner. You can try the “show for show” tactic that 47 per cent of people in relationships use, and simply take turns when deciding what to watch. But if you’re trying to find something you both like, romantic comedies do the trick for 56 per cent of couples, while 54 per cent find “Action Thrillers” are good date night movies.

And date nights just got a lot cheaper. Staying in to watch Netflix is the new replacement for going out to dinner or to a bar for most respondents — 6 in 10 subscribers polled said they actually preferred staying in to going out.

And one of the perks of being in a relationship seems to be having someone to watch TV with, as nearly 70 per cent of people said it was more fun to watch shows with a partner. For 58 per cent, having someone to talk about a show afterward was a benefit of watching it with your significant other.

How do you think Netflix affects your relationship or dating choices? Tell us in the comments section below.

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