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Move over, Kegels: Woman says vagina weightlifting is the way to go

Maintaining strong pelvic muscles is super important for a variety of reasons. First, it helps make childbirth — and recovery — so much easier. It also decreases the chances that you’ll experience incontinence, since the same muscles that strengthen the walls of your vagina are also responsible for supporting the bladder.

And how do you keep a strong pelvic floor? A sexual intimacy expert says she keeps hers strong by practicing “Vaginal Kung Fu,” also known as vaginal weightlifting.

California and Bali-based Kim Anami ties a piece of string to the end of an egg-shaped jade ball and then attaches various weights to it so she is forced to engage her muscles to keep the jade egg inside her body.

“I first started practicing what I now call Vaginal Kung Fu — the mastery of all things vagina — 20 years ago,” she told Barcroft Media. “It is based on ancient Taoist practices women used 5,000 years ago to strengthen the pelvic floor and increase sexual pleasure.”

She posts photos of the various weights she lifts with her ladyparts on Instagram — ranging from surfboards to even an Oscar statuette.

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Her reasoning: “Having a strong pelvic floor and vaginal muscles helps with everything from increasing libido, orgasmic potential and lubrication, eliminating incontinence, and preventing pelvic organ prolapse — especially after childbirth,” she told Barcroft. “The practice creates an overall lift in the body — even a face lift. I have had clients stop using Botox because they took up vaginal weightlifting.”

It all sounds appealing, but just know you don’t have to take up a vaginal weightlifting routine to get results. All you need, really, is to strengthen your core and deep pelvic muscles through Kegels and strengthening exercises practiced in yoga, barre and Pilates classes.

But the 44-year-old’s mission is a noble one: She wants to inspire women to understand more about what their vaginas can do, even if her methods are a little out there.

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“My assertion is that the normal, healthy baseline for every woman is to be able to ping pong balls from her vagina,” she said.

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