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First Dates: What you need to know about your fave new dating show

There are no hidden agendas, and no waiting several months for filming to end before revealing how you really feel. Nope, First Dates Australia captures just the brutally real and extremely awkward interactions between people on their first outings — and it makes for the most hilarious, albeit cringeworthy, viewing.

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While there’s only been one episode of the Aussie incarnation thus far, below are 7 things you should know about the show.

1. Dating experts are involved

The way the show works is relatively simple: It takes 10 strangers looking for love (or something else) and has dating experts match their profiles based on their likes and dislikes.

2. There’s a link to The Bachelor

First Dates Australia comes to us from Warner Bros. International Television Production, maker of the hit reality TV shows The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, in association with the Seven Network.

3. It started in the U.K.

The show is based on the British version of a love show with the same name, which has aired on Channel 4 since June 2013 (now headed into its fifth season) and become an international success. Unsurprising, really, because who wouldn’t want to watch people struggle for things to say and laugh at their awkward silences?

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4. There’s no one hovering over the daters’ shoulders

During the filming of the date, producers made the decision not to have cameras right in the faces of daters. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Channel Seven said, “First Dates allows us to observe human behaviour in its purest form. This is a series about people’s lives, their stories, the diversity of a country — these factors are played out through the prism of dating and the universal feeling of wanting to love and be loved.”

5. There’s enough laughter to brighten your day

According to, a Channel Seven spokeswoman described the series as “warm, kind and generous and served with a good dollop of humour” — the latter is definitely true! Seriously, you’ll be crying from laughing so hard at the hopeful singles’ encounters.

6. It’s not scripted

Unlike other reality shows, First Dates Australia doesn’t follow a script. Instead, it tries to observe the natural behaviour of people on a first date. “It’s not reality television, it’s not a competition, it’s very much an observational show where real people are going on real first dates,” First Dates executive producer Geraldine Orrock said, according to

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7. The country is already hooked

It’s only taken one episode to excite viewers, as evidenced by the fact that the hashtag #FirstDatesAU is trending and there is a lot of chatter about the show.

The series premiered on the Seven Network on Feb. 3, 2016. Will you be tuning in to the next one?

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