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Couples discuss how they met ‘the one’ in tear-jerking video

Hallmark is the greeting card company known for soliciting feeling after feeling, especially on holidays like Valentine’s Day. Yes, it’s cheesy. Yes, it’s a “Hallmark holiday.” But also, consider this: What’s so wrong with wanting to take a moment to express love and to really examine what it’s all about?

The new Hallmark commercial for this Valentine’s Day is beautiful in its simplicity. A group of real couples is asked the question: How did you know you met “the one?” Then they answer it.The group is diverse, which makes it extra poignant considering that gay marriage has only been fully legal everywhere for a few months. It’s also just sweet. See below:
Adorable, right? What I love most about this video is the truth to it. When you know, you do know. I am not a marriage expert by any means, but I am someone who has been married for close to 13 years and was engaged two times prior to this marriage.

In each of the times I was engaged, I knew it was wrong. It was a gut feeling. And now, having seen marriages fail all around me, I also think people who ignore those feelings find out the hard way later on that you really do have to be sure.

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A few months ago, an engaged friend was having serious doubts about her marriage and I told her flat out: Don’t marry him. Cold feet are one thing, but the fact is, marriage should feel like an easy decision. It should feel like the only one you can make. Having gotten it so wrong twice before, I know the difference between when it is right and when it is wrong. And people know. We just have to trust out gut.

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I have no way of knowing if these couples really are as happy as they seem. But the truth is, marriage is a constantly evolving thing. Some days are easier than others. So it is vitally important that you start with as strong a foundation as possible. Being “sure” from the get go is the best way to build that.

This video is what Valentines is all about. Real love. Real marriage.

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