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Woman’s experience proves that catcalling happens anytime, anywhere

Christen Brandt, like many women, is no stranger to being catcalled.

It happens fairly often on the streets of a big city like New York. And when I say fairly often, I mean every hour of every day.

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And Brandt has had enough. The NYC woman posted a photo of herself all bundled up in a big coat, brown tights and tall boots. A typical winter outfit that doesn’t show off anything, but she said that, even in that outfit, she was the victim of seriously unwanted comments from a male passerby.

“This is what I was wearing this morning as I made my way through a crowded 34th Street subway station, and a man passing by me said, ‘Damn, you have some great legs,'” she wrote in a Facebook post. “When I ignored him and kept walking, he turned around to follow me, to get closer, even as I was moving away. ‘Did you hear me, honey? I said you have nice legs. Damn! Thank you.'”

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She couldn’t just shake it off this time.

“It was the ‘thank you’ that got me,” she continued. “As if my 5 inches of legging-covered skin were there for him. Given as a gift wrapped in brown tights. Existing in the world for him to appreciate, or not.”

She asks everyone reading the post to remember her post the “next time you wonder whether your skirt is too short, next time you ask your teen daughter to change her clothes, or the next time you hear about school dress codes in the news,” because she’s not wearing anything revealing. It doesn’t matter what women do or do not wear, it still makes her susceptible to catcalling.

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“All women have these moments. All of us. And yet the world acts as if it’s still our problem to fix. Get your shit together, guys,” she continued. “I, for one, am sick of dealing with it.”

Hear, hear!

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