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Why I wouldn’t let my one great love leave his wife for me

In this lifetime, most people believe that there will always be that one person that you will love forever. That person whether or not you ended up with, will always have a special place in your heart. The person you will never forget. 

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I have seen and have witnessed how love evolved between two people, especially those who made it until the end. I must say that they are very fortunate to have ended up together until death decided to keep them apart. On the other hand, there are situations where one settles with another but ended up with regrets. Those who live with buts and what ifs. Those who feel that there is still an empty space that needs to be filled — and only one special person can occupy that space.

Sometimes, I wonder why all of us can’t be with someone we truly love. Why can’t we be with our one great love? What we are, and where we are, are the products of our choices. We sometimes make decisions so quickly to get over with someone or something and later on we realize that it wasn’t the best decision after all. Unfortunately, there are and will always be people who will get hurt.

That is an awful truth. It’s just difficult if you find out you were the wrong choice, when you invested so much time, effort and emotion into a relationship only to realize that you were not what your partner ever wanted. It hurts that you were not enough to make him happy, that you were not the one who can fill in that space. You ended up at the losing end, but isn’t it more difficult to be with someone who will comfort you with lies than hurt you with the truth?

I was confronted in a situation when I had to make a choice: to follow my heart in pursuit of my happiness or to do what is right. It was never an easy choice.

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We were both in a relationship when we met, but I never knew that he had feelings for me. My relationship ended after four years, while he went to another country to be with his family. He later got married, but he claimed his marriage was not the one he wanted. They would always argue and his marriage became unstable, yet he still tried to stay because of his children.

He tried to reach me through email and phone calls. All the while, I knew he was just trying to keep the friendship because he never really said he loved me. Our communication became more frequent until I realized that I was falling for him. I knew at that time that our connection was special. We planned to see each other, and those days were the best days of my life. I was willing to accept everything because I loved him so much. At the back of my mind, I knew the situation was wrong.

He was willing to let go of his family and be with me, but I refused. I asked him to go back to his family because I knew it was the best — and right — thing to do. It was painful, and it still does affect me. I just keep this love inside me.

He still keeps in touch, and he never fails to tell me how much he loves me. He loved me the first time we met. I have decided to move on with my life, but I know that he owns a space in my heart.

Would you choose to stay with someone just because you don’t want that person to get hurt? Or would you choose to be with the one you really love, your one great love? Should you consider yourself selfish for following your heart? Are you willing to give up your happiness for what you feel is right, even if your love is true?

We meet people for different reasons. Some are destined to stay and some won’t. However, I have always believed that true love will find its way no matter how hard the situation is, no matter how long it will take. Love will only settle when the right time comes.

As most people say, we fall in love once or twice in a lifetime, and there will always be one great love.

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