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New sex toy makes long-distance sex a (virtual) reality

Technology really is a wonderful thing.

For the longest time, long-distance couples had to rely on phone sex to bridge the gap. Then Skype came into play and video sex was born.

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These days? It’s all about long-distance sex toys. Kiiroo, a sex toy manufacturer, has just introduced two sex toys that work in tandem to recreate in-person sex. Well, as close as possible to in-person sex, anyway.

The system is comprised of a dildo and a long tube with a hole in it meant to simulate a vagina. It’s meant to respond to touch, meaning that when one stimulates their sex toy it can be felt in the other toy. So, when the dildo is grasped or inserted into the vagina it puts pressure on the tube.

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A new BBC Three documentary The Virtual Reality Virgin explores the new technology. Host Tyger Drew-Honey “tests” out the devices with one of the creators behind the toy. He admits feeling the effect on his fingers is “a bit strange.”

The idea is that people in a relationship can still have sex with each other even if they’re thousands of miles away from each other.

But isn’t a little strangeness a small price to pay for making LDRs a little bit less distant? We say yes.

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