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This astrological sign is the most likely to marry this year

If you’re a Pisces, and looking for a little celestial inspiration this year, we’ve got some good news for you. According to the world-renowned psychic, Susan Miller, 2016 is going to be your year, especially in the relationship department. 

She recently spoke about the Pisces’ upcoming lucky streak on Bustle‘s new podcast, “The Chat Room”. Essentially, all the good things will happen to you this year if you’re a Pisces. According to Miller’s website, AstrologyZone, this year will begin with great success in business, then quickly jump over into a major upswing in your social life. One particularly exciting thing she mentions is, “your friends are apparently big thinkers, and they will inspire you to go for the gold.” This seems to mean your social relationships will positively influence your career and vice versa. But if you’re also currently in a committed relationship, that’s not even the most exciting news.

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Miller claims that since this is Pisces’ all-around brilliant year, there will be a lot of them getting engaged and married to their significant others. If you’ve felt like you and your partner have been nearing that big life step, the chances of you actually taking it this year are high. So that’s some pretty excellent news, right??

However, She Knows didn’t want to leave Pisces’ fate up to one astrologer’s opinion. We wanted to delve a little deeper into this lucky streak, and see if other astrologers’ predictions lined up with Miller’s. So we asked our resident astrologer and weekly horoscope writer, Christopher Renstrom, what he thought. Turns out he too sees some positive steps forward for Pisces in the relationship department this year, but perhaps not all the way to the altar.

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He told She Knows, “The biggest difficulty for Pisces is to make that leap from what you visualize in your mind’s eye to what you actualize in your day-to-day life. In fact your fantasy life is so rich and absorbing that the reality has a hard time measuring up.”

“A rare solar eclipse in your zodiac sign on March 8 followed by a lunar eclipse in Pisces on Sept. 16 will change all of that. Eclipses are the life course correctors in astrology. They’re just the thing to lift you out of a rut (or endless loop) and get you back on track heading in the direction you really want to go. Because the eclipses will be occurring in your relationship houses you can count on some unexpected twists and turns that will put you in touch with your true partner. You will inevitably find something wrong about your Mr. Right (you always do), but he will eventually win you over with his tenacity, wit and good humor.”

So it seems like he’s implying there will be a decided shift forward in your relationship, that will help you remember what it is you love about your significant other. Now perhaps that “win you over” part will involve a ring, or perhaps it will just be a lovely, impromptu dinner. But whatever it is, it definitely sounds like a step in the right direction. Way to go, Pisces. We’re super pumped for (and somewhat jealous of) you!

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