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The water bottle that tracks your H20 intake so you don’t have to

Have you ever found yourself wondering, Did I drink enough water today? Perhaps you’re on the go all day and often forget to drink water at all. I know I’ve been there, and thankfully Moikit may have a solution for us. The Moikit Seed is a smart water bottle that not only tracks the amount of water you drink, it even notifies you throughout the day to drink more. Literally, it’s an alarm for your water bottle. Listen up, ladies, because we need this.

This smart, stainless-steel water bottle is lightweight, super strong, and its makeup helps maintain cold water all day. Additionally, it alerts you when the water is stale from too many refills or has been exposed to too much heat. A display screen on the cap displays the temperature of the water.

Gone are the days when our busy schedules distract us from what we need most. I know you may be wondering, Do I really need this? But just think about how difficult it is to remember anything when you are constantly busy, and it’s hard to balance a healthy lifestyle if you don’t have a relaxed schedule. Having a bottle that reminds you to drink water isn’t the worst idea. Whether you’re a mom, working full-time and/or attending school, this water bottle will make a small part of your life that much easier — because let’s face it, we can’t do it all and stay sane.

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Moikit has an app for its Seed water bottles that lets you set goals for yourself and document the amount of water you want to drink for the day. It’s compatible with iPhones and Androids and is easily accessible at any time. The Moikit Seed comes in an assortment of colors — green, blue, black, white and even peach. It’s also fairly small, so it’s easy to grab and go or keep in your purse.

Move over, Siri — hello, Seed.

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