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Man lets Google fill out his online dating profile, gets amusing results

Aaron Gillies, a 28-year-old comedian from London, decided to turn his dating life over to Google.

Let me explain: He typed all of the writing prompts on a dating profile into Google’s search bar and then let the search engine’s autocomplete add the rest.

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Body type? “My body is ready.”

Turn ons? “My turn ons are hugging and depression.”

Location? “I live in a shed.”

Pretty clever, and to be honest it’s more readable than some of the dating profiles I’ve perused over the years. But alas, it seems like this is all a ruse and this funny dude isn’t actually looking for a girlfriend. Why? He’s married. If you’ll recall, Gillies went viral in 2015 for writing down all of the things his wife cries about, then tweeting it.

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“She was hungover and saw a picture of a piglet,” read one entry.

“She found out swans can be gay and thought it was really nice,” added another, then again later. “She remembered swans can be gay.”

I have to wonder what his wife, Lex, thinks about all of this, but judging from his other antics I assume she’s just used to it. And you know he’s not serious because he didn’t add a picture to his dating profile, which we all know is one way for men to get no replies from potential dates.

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