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12 Crazy and anonymous confessions about pregnant sex

Ah, pregnant sex. It seems there are usually four categories you can choose when it comes to getting down when you’re up the spout: You love it and so does your partner; you hate it and so does your partner; you love it but your partner won’t touch you; and your partner can’t keep their hands off of you but you’d rather do just about anything else.

Ask four different women, and you’re likely to get four different answers. Trawl an anonymous confessions app, and you’re likely to get a whole lot more than you bargained for. Case in point? These 12 confessions about pregnant sex that are confounding, cringe-worthy and totally relatable.

Whether you thought pregnancy sex was the cat’s pajamas or couldn’t find time to enjoy it between the violent vomiting, hemorrhoids and fatigue, you’re likely to find that at least one of these candid confessions really hits home.

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Team lots of sex

The women on team lots of sex are cleared and ready for takeoff. A special combination of perfectly aligned hormones, glossy hair and a willing partner means that there’s not much standing between them and boots knockin’, right? Well, kind of:

We’ve got some bad news for that last one in regards to how relaxing her life is about to be.

Team husbands just don’t understand

Women on this team have husbands and partners that run the gamut from obliviously horny to disappointingly horrified. Oh, and the odd a**hole, of course. Be warned: Profanity ahead.

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Team food

Most pregnant women will find themselves on team food at one point or another, as long as they can stop throwing up long enough to get there. These two women seem pretty ambivalent about sex, because their priorities lie elsewhere. Namely, pizza.

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Hey, we’re not even going to judge. The hormones want what they want and clearly hers want pizza.

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