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Pilot fakes an emergency so he can propose to his girlfriend (VIDEO)

Scariest. Proposal. Ever.

A California man uploaded a video of his December proposal to his girlfriend while leaving Catalina Island, and it’s pretty scary.

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The man, only identified by his YouTube name Ogotrice, was commandeering the plane when he told his only passenger — his girlfriend — that the flight controls were malfunctioning.

“Don’t worry; stay calm, I’ve done this before. The flight controls are not responding, see?” he tells her via microphone. She stays remarkably calm when he tells her to get out the emergency instructions.

“There’s an emergency procedure for this. Let me get you the list. You’re going to have to read it for me, OK?” She nods and starts reading the fake procedures.

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“If needed, conduct ring engagement procedure,” she says as he reaches for another sheet and asks her to read the lines one by one.

“Do you love the pilot?’ she asks, laughing and responding, “Yes.”

“Do you want to spend the rest of your life with him,’ she continues, saying yes again. He pulls out an engagement ring, showing it to the GoPro camera he used to record the whole thing.

Will you be my copilot for life?” That was also a yes, even though she admitted to being terrified. “You scared me!”

That’s an understatement… and one forgiving girlfriend!

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