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How to take care of your emotional well-being during divorce

Divorce is a life-changing event that causes a rollercoaster of emotion. Going through a divorce is a transition before and even long after the completion of the paperwork. How can one prepare themselves emotionally and care for themselves in order to adjust to all the changes that divorce brings?

There are concerns and worries about children if the couple has to adjust to a co-parenting situation, and this can cause anxiety and stress. Splitting up finances and the home might cause worry. A couple in the midst of divorce has to manage not only the legal aspect of divorce but the emotional health. It becomes a situation where emotional wellbeing becomes important in order for a person to heal from the change, sadness, anxiety and stress of divorce. A divorce is a time where anxiety and doubt might flood your thoughts.

Learning how to manage change and adjustment are powerful coping tools to have during this difficult time.

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Self-care during and after divorce is about feeling better emotionally about transition in your life. This could be a positive transition as well as a difficult one. Remember that all changes bring about feelings, and the most important idea to note is that feeling identification is useful in the healing process. Knowing how you feel is just as important as managing the emotion.

Divorce can be a situation where a myriad of emotions are felt, from sadness to confusion. It’s OK to have more than one feeling at once, and it’s OK to have positive and negative feelings at the same time. You can validate your own feelings by acknowledging them and identifying where the emotion comes from. During a divorce, so many feelings might come to the surface that you may never have expected.

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It might help you to journal and express these uncovered thoughts in feelings to help you understand the process of learning about yourself and managing your emotions. Another useful tip might be to get into art or music. For example, drawing or using an adult coloring book will open up the process of coping with anxiety and sadness. Healing can occur through creating art or listening to music. Meditation is also a healing concept worth looking into.

Being able to surround yourself with a support system will help you to reach out to others in times of need. Family, friends, support groups, doctors and therapists can become your support system and each might play an important role to help you manage during this difficult change depending on what type of support you need.

Self-care means taking care of yourself physically and mentally. Divorce can bring about anxiety and stress that can cause issues if you are not paying attention to your health and emotional wellbeing. Being able to manage all the changes during divorce means knowing when to use coping mechanisms during tough times. Mindfulness is a powerful tool to learn and use to help keep emotional health in peak shape. Tips for developing mindfulness can help you during this stressful time.

Divorce can be a time for change and growth. Focusing on the experience and being in the moment will help healing to occur and management to be possible.

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