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Teen claims a childhood of energy drinks has destroyed her health

If you don’t monitor your energy drink consumption this young woman’s story may make you swear off them forever.

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Dion Parratt is just 18 years old but she believes that her life has been destroyed by her excessive consumption of energy drinks. Recently she bravely took to Facebook to warn others of the risks these caffeinated, sugar-rich beverages carry.

Sharing a picture of herself with multiple wires attached to her from a heart rate monitor she wrote, “I’m aware I look fat as f*** here but I thought long and hard about uploading it. This is what happens when you spend your childhood drinking energy drinks. I’m now stuck with wires and a massive box attached to me for 24 hours. Before you drink rock stars and them cheap energy drinks think about what your doing to your body and to anyone who is a parent don’t let your kids drink them they should be banned. (sic)”

Teen reveals the harmful affects of energy drinks
Image: Dion Parratt/Facebook

Parratt then went on to reveal that she started drinking energy drinks when she was in Year 7 and she did not realise just how harmful they were for her until she started experiencing health problems. She also blames her energy drink consumption for her two miscarriages.

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“Year 7 used to drink easy 4/5 a day and I would be a complete bitch if I didn’t have them lol! It wasn’t until I lost the second baby that they found a problem with my heart honestly go get checked you don’t wanna die young b xxxxx, (sic)” she wrote in response to one of the comments.

Cardiologist Dr. Graham Jackson told the Daily Mail, “[Parratt] probably had an underlying heart problem that was discovered when she went to the doctor about heart palpitations. Now they are monitoring her for what is causing her pulse to stop. They are probably trying to find out what the underlying problem is.”

Dr. Jackson added that two large cans of a typical energy drink could amount to up to 800 milligrams of caffeine, which is twice the safe daily level.

Parratt’s post has been shared over 6,000 times and has made people consider the harmful effects highly caffeinated drinks can have on their bodies.

Comments on the post include one from Alfie Napier who wrote, “Fair play for putting this up Dion, you can see its making people think long and hard, get well soon my og (sic).”

“Wow you’re so inspiring Dion, I hardly drink them myself but I have a few friends that do drink like two a day and it’s really just not a good thing to carry on doing at all…” Josh Davidson wrote.

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Kirsty Rossiter also praised Parratt’s actions. She wrote, “Good on you babe, least its making people aware of it all xxx. (sic)”

Do you drink energy drinks daily? Will this story make you reconsider? Let us know your thoughts.

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