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How changing your thinking can steer you toward healthier habits

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” We’ve all heard that phrase, but what does it really mean?

We all have a background voice subconsciously rating and assessing what we can and cannot do based on our life experiences and belief systems. The voice says we have tried and failed so many times. The voice says “We’ve tried it all, and nothing works.”

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How do you get to the gym when you don’t want to go? It’s all in your mindset!

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right”

If you believe it’s hard to go to the gym or change your diet, it will always be hard. If you believe you’ve tried everything and nothing will work for you, then you will give up and stop trying — until the next fad.

Energy flows where focus goes.

What if you shifted your focus by two millimeters? What if instead of thinking you need everyone around you to stop eating junk food so you can lose weight— because that’s never going to happen! —you started thinking differently about the food choices you make?

I’ve found success by reminding myself that that tempting junk food is unhealthy. I like to use really dramatic phrases — in my head, of course — like, “Eating that is going to seriously reduce my life span!” It works for me. Think up something that will help you recontextualize your biggest junk-food weaknesses, and remind you why you’re trying to eat less of it. Eventually, your focus will shift that two millimeters, and you’ll be less interested.

The same goes for working out. If you keep groaning and moaning about how hard it is, it will always be hard, which makes it really easy to quit or not show up on days when you’re tired or cold. Focus instead on how empowering your workout can be: “I love how training makes me feel; strong is the new skinny; I love working out.” Before you know it, you will love working out.

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It’s a simple concept, but not always the easiest to overcome. Our mindset really is the key to everything we do — success or failure. We have to tap into the subconscious and identify all of the blocks we have to eating healthy and working out. Then we have to create a daily habit of talking back to it as we reprogram our subconscious mind. With daily practice, you’ll find yourself gravitating to clean foods and exercise. Have a little patience as you implement this because it takes time. Be kind to yourself: You’re breaking down a life of old patterns and rebuilding a new you.

I changed my mindset and changed my life forever, and I coach all of my clients to do the same. Fitness Mindset Strategy isn’t just about changing the foods you eat and the workouts you do; it’s about reprogramming your mind to create permanent change so that the next time you make a healthy change, it’s forever!

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