Memo to guys: Stop showing off your ‘size’

Size matters. Or so they say. If women are concerned about the size of their chests, then men are equally concerned about what they are packing down below. But should they be?

Size is really a relative thing. That might sound shocking given the importance we seem to place on it in our society, but it’s true. One woman’s “perfect” is another woman’s “too big” and one woman’s “too small” is another woman’s “perfect.” We are all like Cinderella’s slipper, looking for that perfect fit.

In all seriousness, though the vagina is an elastic organ, every one is slightly different. This means that being inside you will feel different for different men and yes, women will also experience different penises differently as well. The guy strutting around thinking every woman wants him because he’s a shower who grows to 10 inches hard, might not be the perfect fit for a woman who is more on the petite side both inside and out.

Sorry if that is shocking, dude.

In discussions with both female and male friends, it has become painfully obvious that penis size is a point of pride for men. Those who are bigger seem to think every woman should want them, while those who are smaller feel badly about themselves. Neither one is right.

Now, obviously, we are talking about average sizes here. There are micro penises and jumbo-size ones that really do fall off the charts and that can be a problem for both men and women alike. Achieving sexual pleasure might be more difficult if you can’t even feel him inside you. But I also grow weary of men who think they need to do nothing more than show up with their big penis to get women going. It takes skill, dude. And a good body, too.

Look at any number of male porn stars and it becomes obvious quickly. Ron Jeremy isn’t worrying about his abs, but he sure is pleased with his member. Any time you meet an unattractive, yet bewilderingly confident man, rest assured there is something monstrous lurking beneath his shorts. To him, I say this: It’s not that big of a deal.

You need a lot more than a big penis to get a woman excited. It might work on some women, but the vast majority want a whole lot more than a monstrous penis. Get over yourselves. I’ll take good abs, a good conversationalist, a good-looking face, intelligence and an average-sized penis any day over some guy with a gut and a hog. Most women I know agree. If a guy happens to have all those things, well fine. But size doesn’t trump those other things. Sorry, guys. Find something else to impress us with.


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