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How I make sure my big boobs don’t stop me from running marathons

I’m a full figured woman who likes to work out. I’m sure that sounds simple enough, but it’s not that straight forward. I’m a full figured woman who wears a 42H bra and likes to work out. I know I’m not the only large chested woman in the world, but for all of my “sisters who have been blessed,” I would say that God has given me a double portion.

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It’s like a gift and a curse. Of course, there is always attention. People will naturally look at your breasts before they see anything else, but what are you going to do? I could wear a hefty bag, and my breasts would still be noticeable. I’ve been blessed with a shape, and for a long time I didn’t value it. I tried to cover up and fade into the background. Luckily, age brought common sense and confidence. That’s what led me to my fitness journey.

I decided that I didn’t want to be frumpy and unhealthy. I decided that I could do anything I set my mind to, so I decided to start running and biking. Let me put in a quick disclaimer: It was not as easy as just doing it. I had to get all of the necessary equipment to start this fitness journey. That’s the cute workout clothes, shoes and the dreaded sports bra.

I know that I shouldn’t refer to it as dreaded, but there is nothing worse than putting your boobs in a glorified sling, and then having to pray that they don’t hit you in the face because they feel too free. I mean, my normal bra makes them sit up at attention and not move. Those slingshots are made for women under a D cup. If you’ve got more than that, you crave stability. Who wants to get knocked out by a loose boob?

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For my DD and up sisters, you decide to try the maximum strength sports bra that mimics your regular bra with support. The girls are always under control with that bra, but those bras cut into your back after a hard workout. I can’t tell you the amount of times that I’ve jumped in the shower and jumped back out from the water hitting scratches from my bra on my back. Nothing like more battle scars to go along with the dents on my shoulders from my bra straps.

Thank goodness for coconut oil. Isn’t that the big-breast life story?

I know it sounds like a lot to go through. I know you’re probably thinking I should get a breast reduction. That’s not for me. I’ve had breast cancer scares and enough scars to last me a lifetime. These breasts are with me to the end. So, I’m going to make the best of it. That means they will get sweaty and chaffed when I run, and they’ll hit my knees when I ride a bike. They’re mine and I love them. So do other people, because they love to stare at them.

Don’t let anything stop you from living your best life. You only get one body; make the best of it! I’m a 42H bra-wearing full figured woman who’s run 12 5Ks, four 10Ks and four half-marathons. I’m planning on doing my first marathon this year. Just say, “Yes!” and do it. Pain is temporary, but your health and self-worth is priceless.

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