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Gay couple caught on NHL Kiss Cam gets overwhelming support

Hockey fans erupted into excited screams at the Kings-Leafs game in LA when they caught the first-ever gay kiss on the NHL Kiss Cam. This comes after Dodgers’ fans got treated to the first gay kiss on a Major League Baseball Kiss Cam last year. And if social media reactions to the same-sex kiss at the NHL game are any indication, it looks like we could see a lot more gender diversity on sports Kiss Cams — basketball and football fans, we’re looking to you next!

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Toronto native Brad Parr and his partner, Andy Evans, were caught smooching on camera at the Staples Center for the Kings-Leafs game.

Evans tweeted his excitement to be part of this history-making moment. Since then, others have taken to Twitter to show their support and express their thoughts about the kiss. Take a look:

Some doubted the moment would ever happen

Seriously, though… It’s 2016. How have we not had a gay Kiss Cam moment at an NHL game?

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Others feel the Kiss Cam is embarrassing but that it’s about time

While sometimes it’s totally icky to feel pressured to kiss the person beside you on a Kiss Cam, everyone can agree that at least gay couples are getting a chance to share in the discomfort now!

Many view the kiss as a sign that times are changing

While 10 years ago Canada became the fourth country ever to legalize gay marriage, there’s still a long road ahead. Namely, it’s time to challenge small-minded perceptions about homosexuality that still exist. And this Kiss Cam moment is a great step.

Some find inspiration to keep breaking through boundaries

Gay couples today, polyamorous triads tomorrow, right? We’ve kicked off 2016 on a good foot, so let’s see what else this year has in store!

Many sharing in the love

The warm, fuzzy feeling you get from watching this shared moment of love has proven to be totally contagious, as people share in the couple’s happiness on Twitter.

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