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Injectables might be the latest way to improve your sex life

Up until a few years ago, Kegel exercises, hormone replacement therapy or vaginoplasty were the only options women had for vaginal issues. Whether by childbirth, cancer treatments or menopause — laxity, dryness, discomfort during intercourse and the occasional leaky bladder can be a pain.

However, when the only choices were major surgery (including downtime, cost and serious discomfort), hormone therapy (hugely controversial or for some just not an option) and Kegel exercises (do those really even work?), it’s no surprise that most women just tolerated their symptoms. All the while, men were being treated with Viagra, Cialis, implants and supplements.

Today, it’s all about the women.

Women can now walk into a doctor’s office and in 30 minutes or less go right back to their busy lives with a rejuvenated vagina. It’s just that simple.

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Using the same type of devices and injectable products that have been used for years on the face, women can now have their lady parts rejuvenated without pain or downtime — and have a better sex life! Gross and exciting all at the same time… right?

Let’s start with the devices and how they work. All of them have a probe that inserts into the vaginal canal. Next, using either radio frequency or a laser (specifically CO2 or Er:YAG), the vaginal tissue is gently heated, stimulating collagen remodeling and growth of new collagen fibers. Once the canal tissue becomes thicker and/or tighter from the treatment, it provides better support to the mid urethra area, which helps to treat incontinence.

The catch is that not all of the devices tighten and the average number of treatments depends upon which device is being used.

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As for the injectables, either dermal filler or PRP (platelet rich plasma) is used. That’s right, those fabulous products that are injected into our face to make us look more rested and youthful are being used to rejuvenate and stimulate our nether regions.

Dermal fillers are used in the G-spot (Gräfenberg spot) treatment, which can be difficult to locate. With the dermal filler placed into the G-spot, it is easier to identify and stimulate, thus enhancing sexual pleasure.

PRP is a newer type of injectable that is created using your own blood and growth factors. After having your blood drawn, the red cells are separated from the platelet rich plasma in a centrifuge. The PRP is then injected into the clitoris and upper vagina (after numbing the area first, of course) to help stimulate the vagina for multiple and stronger orgasms. Hence the name O-Shot (Orgasm Shot).

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Patient satisfaction is reportedly high for all of these treatments, however, some patients shouldn’t consider these non-invasive procedures to be the cure all to their issues.

For women who have a bit more going on “down under,” labiaplasty, vaginoplasty and possibly pelvic floor reconstruction might be needed to reduce size, tighten muscles and/or repair damage to the pelvic floor.

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